{In Remembrance} Senior Year

As always… the best for last. I’ve been a bit busy lately, so getting this post up has taken some time, but this last year of college has definitely been one of the best. I made many of my closest friendships this year and got to have a lot of fun with them. I am seriously going to miss them.

This was the first year I actually remembered to celebrate Lincoln’s birthday. Here he is turning 3 years old and I made him PUP-cakes. He is celebrating with his dog friend Kizzy.

Went to Mt. Bonnell with my beautiful friend Sunnah.

Went to Hamilton pool with her and Samuel. This place is awesome. I’m disappointed I never made it back here.

Kayaked Lady Bird Lake.

Went hiking with Samuel at the Greenbelt. When we went this time there was still a drought in Texas… there is usually water where Sam is standing.

We finally went to the Texas capital… had been here three years and never visited it.

We got tickets to ACL again this year. It was awesome, as we had expected.

Went hiking with Sunnah, Cara and Cara’s newly adopted dog Lucy at a different area of the greenbelt. This photo cracks me up a little bit, looks like a weird family portrait or something.

Made another family pumpkin.

I went to this event in Denver, Colorado called ATCE with Cara and a bunch of my other classmates and got to go to petrobowl and see UT woop up on OU. We also partied a lot, which was obviously fun… and I love Denver, so this was a perfect little trip during the school year. Cara’s face…. lol.

I played on the SPE coed intramural volleyball team, which was so much fun… we made it to the final four!

My Nana had her 80th birthday. This is a picture of her and Pops and all the grandkids around her… and great grandkids.

Over winter break, Samuel and I took a trip up to Bakersfield, CA to try and find a place we want to live when we move there this summer. We spent one of our extra days visiting this place called Vasquez Rocks… which was only about an hour or so out and was beautiful. I’m going to love California if I get to explore a lot. I wrote a post on this place.

Afterwards, we met my dad in Vegas and spent a few days there with him. This is a picture of old Vegas. They turned all the building lights off and did this really cool music video on this paneling above the streets. So cool.

We bought our first climbing rope and gear so that we can start trying to lead climb.

I got my first tattoo. A scorpion… it’s my sign.

Took a road trip to Mardi Gras in New Orleans with Cara which was crazy fun.

Sam and I went to the rodeo and saw the Zac Brown Band. I figured this might be one of our last time to go to the rodeo for a while. We got some fried food… fried oreos to be specific. omg.

Went hiking at McKinney Falls State Park with Cara, Barrett, and Brad.

I played on the SPE intramural coed softball team this year too and we actually won the Championship game! One of the best nights…

We had a senior night banquet… which was so fun. One of the best weekends of the semester.

We had one of the best floating the river trips ever… such a great group to go with.

Also, Barrett, Samuel and I went stand up paddle boarding for the first time. Cara and Philippe came with but they kayaked. I really liked the paddle boarding. I was really slow at it, so I was by myself a lot, but it was kind of nice. The weather was gorgeous that day.

Well… then we graduated.

Those photos only capture a small portion of all the good times we had this semester.

Everyone has to go be a grown up now… get a job… move a way. I am really going to miss everyone though, especially some of my best friends Cara, Sunnah, Barrett, Philippe, Tyler, and Price… and some of my fairly recent friends like Rahul, Sowmya, Kyle, Peter and Sammy… and my other classmates in the PGE department.

It’s been real.

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