{In Remembrance} Junior Year

This is one of my favorite photos. Sunnah planking on a bike rack (or whatever you call those things). I don’t ride a bike. I don’t know the bike lingo. Junior year stayed pretty serious. Got to keep those grades up ya know? I was a little less nerdy than sophomore year… a little.

I went to my first football game (I’m the worst football fan, I know)… I should have bought tickets sophomore year though, because they were horrible my junior year.

This year I carved a pumpkin with a bunch of my friends… I was lazy and bought a really small one and just carved a heart into it, but some people got creative.

Then my neice, sweet baby Autumn was born… and I immediately loved her. I cried the first night I came to meet her because I had gotten so excited to hold her but wasn’t able to hold her because she had jaundice still. I have my dramatic moments.

We had a great Thanksgiving with the family. I love these moments of just sitting outside talking with everyone and drinking a lot of wine. We enjoy our wine…

Samuel and I went on our first climbing trip to Enchanted Rock… loved it. Definitely take some time to explore Enchanted Rock… there is so much more to it than the main dome. This is a picture of us caving at Enchanted Rock during the night since we were camping there that weekend. Caving is not my thing, but I powered through it. This trip showed me that I don’t like to be in closed in spaces. I’d rather be dangling off the side of a cliff on some rope and in a harness with the fresh air…

Warning: partial nudity. Samuel got his first tattoo! He got it done at the Diablo Rojo next to our apartment.

Sam and I both invested in our first pair of climbing shoes… awhhh.

I took Sam skiing for the first time… and now he is hooked. We went to Breckenridge, CO through UBski, and it was awesome. We had so much fun… even “skied” our first black. Oh yaaahhh. It was more like a walk on skis though. We were better at the blue routes.

I made my new years resolution to cook one new recipe a week and this was the first recipe I made… which led me to create this blog (I used a different server at first, so a lot of my old stuff is not on wordpress)… but it started with Chicken Sorrentino Fusilli. Look how into it I was… I even made a sign for it. I don’t do that anymore. I’m too lazy.

Then it snowed.. quite a bit for Austin, TX.

I cut Sam’s hair into a mullet… but he didn’t keep it unfortunately. Sexy right?

I went with Sunnah to get her nose pierced… and seriously thought about getting one myself. I resisted. Hers looks awesome though!

We took a trip to my parent’s beach house in Port O’ Connor with Lincoln.

I worked in downtown Houston for the summer, which is great because my family lives here. This picture is kind of bad, but it is a picture of all the interns in my business unit.

We celebrated Sam’s 21st birthday at Bakers Street Pub.

We floated the Comal river in San Marcos with some of our best friends, Emily and Nathan.

Then partied with them on 6th street in Austin.

Junior Year.

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