{In Remembrance} Sophomore Year

I kicked my good study habits into high gear sophomore year. Aka, I was a super nerd. I spent more than 20 hours a week at the library with Sunnah in hopes of making good grades… it paid off. I did manage to have a little fun though.

I started by cutting my hair real short before school started. Kind of a bob style. I am not sure why we decided to take a picture like this… I probably found some really red lipstick, and was like SAM COME HERE… and he got marked. He humors me. But this picture shows my short hair too.

Then we got to go to Austin City Limits 2009! It was awesome. Basically it is  this big music event in Austin, and we got three day passes. It rained all day Saturday, so here is what it looked like afterwards. It was a great big mud fest, but it was still fun.

We carved another family pumpkin… this year, I made it an equation… in honor of all the math I had been doing. The square root of -1 = i….. get it? That is why I made the square root of negative 1 the eyes. Bahaha.

Oh my, then sweet baby Solon was born. Our first nephew. We love him to death.

Then we went to holi with Sunnah… which was great. It was this festival where we threw colors on each other and danced to Indian music. I am sure this is actual meaning to the festival, but I am not sure what it is.

We went to Forty Acres Fest to see Girl Talk (A DJ).

Then we flew to Acapulco, Mexico for the weekend and celebrated my brother and sister-n-law’s marriage. This was such an awesome wedding and reception.

Then we moved to Denver, Colorado for the summer for another internship. This is where I fell in love with Colorado, and basically anything outdoors. Samuel and I were used to being pretty lazy, mostly lounging around the house on the weekends, but after living in Colorado we got really crazy about getting out and doing things… at least on the weekends. Life’s to short ya know? That’s a picture of me on the job… chatting with the crew. Our field was near Meeker, Colorado.

One of our first trips in Colorado was going to the Great Sand Dunes. It was freaking amazing. Go here.

We had our first family camping trip in Rocky Mountain National Park. I started out wearing shorts, and in the morning it was 30 degrees F outside! IN THE SUMMER. O.M.G. but so beautiful. I loved it.

I fell in love with Frisco, Colorado. I want to live here one day. It is gorgeous. It is this cute little town in the middle of the mountains… it makes me feel alive. I am in love with the mountains. We spent fourth of July up here and watched fireworks from the side of the road in our jeep overlooking the lake. Incredible.

I played on a beer softball league with my co-workers… some of who are shown below. We were horrible (we literally lost every game), but it was really fun none-the-less. Oh, and our team jerseys came from the only gas station at our field location in Meeker, CO. The Kum & Go gas station. Good ole Meeker.

Then one day I was like, “Sam, haven’t you ever wanted to go rock climbing… like.. legit rock climbing.. on real rocks?” I’m pretty sure he said something like, no… I’ve never thought about it, I’m kind of not into heights. I decided to sign us up for a trip anyways. We climbed at Garden of the Gods with a private guide. Thus began our passion for climbing. We loved it. Love, love, loved it. We’ve been climbing ever since.

We took many more trips that summer, but to conclude the summer we met up with Samuel’s family in San Antonio and had a little family trip with them. It was fun, and this picture just cracks me up. Classic Boyle men.

Sophomore year was pretty life changing for me. I started becoming more of the person I wanted to be… a little more adventurous, a little more risk taking.

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