{In Remembrance} Freshman Year

I am going to do a series of four posts focusing on all of my favorite memories from college. As I was going back through all my photos, I realized how much actually happened. I was going to do just one post with all four years, but I have way too many pictures. So here we go… Freshman Year first.

I went to UT to make new friends and to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I had gone to a small private high school, and going to a big public University would be a huge change for me, not to mention that almost all my friends went to A&M. Somehow, I new this was the better choice for me. I signed myself up for a UT camp called Ignite. This is where I met my beautiful friend, Sunnah. She is in the middle. I didn’t think at the time that we would stay friends, but we ended up becoming best friends. We are both pretty busy these days, but I will always hold a spot in my heart for Sunnah, and it started here.

So I did a lot of things with Sunnah freshman year. We went to our first college party together, walked to find all of our classrooms before school started together, took weird pictures together… you know, the usual.

I lived by myself freshman year… probably because I am often an introvert, but I tell people it’s because I am independent.. blah blah blah. So I decided I wanted a roomate… Enters new puppy, Lincoln Frank Boyle. Ya, Lincoln has a middle name. I never use it, but I picked it in honor of one of my dachshund dogs that had died when I was in high school. He came all the way from Michigan I think. I was new at the whole getting a dog thing, so I basically picked one online through a puppy website, sent someone my money, then hoped I would get a puppy in return. I would do more research if I did it again… but Lincoln was worth every penny I paid for him. He showed up scared to death from the plane flight but I immediately loved him to death. To this day he sleeps with me in bed… I am a sucker.

I knew that Italian greyhounds had a tendency to be shy and nervous about being around other dogs… so we immediately socialized him with the family… and the family dogs. This was literally the next weekend after we got him. Him and Cooper (the vizla) have been bff’s ever since.

We carved our first family pumpkin. Look at how freaking adorable Lincoln is. So tiny.

And I voted for the first time for president. That picture is a bit scary so, I made it smaller.

Next, without asking anyone’s permission… Sam and I decided to get engaged. When you find that person that enhances your life and you mesh well with… then why not. That’s what I found in Sam. A best friend. Someone a little weird and willing to do crazy things… like me.

See, we have the same sense of humor…

That’s a picture of Lincoln with a sock over his head… it was pretty cold outside and we wanted to keep him warm, but it ended up just being really funny. It snowed in Austin the first semester I was there… this is a pretty big deal for a Houston girl. That is the view from my balcony, by the way… not to shabby, nice view of the tower.

Next we took a bunch of engagement pictures with Alan Doberenz Photography. This is one of his pictures.

Then I dyed my hair pretty dark. I don’t really like it, but I did it because I had never taken a chance to do anything different with my hair before.

My sweet high school friends planned a weekend in San Antonio for me.

I got to see my oldest brother graduate from medical school.

Then….. I got married, May 30, 2009. (awh) This photo is also by Alan Doberenz.

We went to Puerto Morelos, Mexico for our honeymoon… which was beautiful, and we got to go see Chichen-Itza.

Then finally, we moved to Midland, TX for the summer for my internship, and I spent a lot of time with this guy below riding around and taking fluid shots for a project of mine.

Freshman Year. A crazy start to college, but good none the less.

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